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Alive 03:54
Alive Intro: Now the earth was without form and void The deep in darkness covered The Spirit of the Living God just hovered The face upon the water stared Lifeless in the silence The voice of the Lord spoke these words: Let there be light! He spoke it and it came to be His words brought life All that we hear and see The day and the night Birds of the air, trees of the field River, brook and spring All that science has uncovered Proves to me one thing Chorus: Alive! My God's alive! My God's alive! Elijah spoke to Israel Follow whom you desire Build an altar to your god Let Baal light the fire Is he asleep or deep in thought? Maybe out for a ride? Then Elijah called to God And fire fell from the sky Chorus Bridge: Mohammed's body lies in a tomb Confucius in a grave In the end Buddha was cremated They laid Jesus in a tomb A body crucified Three days later He rose from the dead Chorus
It Is Finished Passover: Take, eat: This is my flesh Pass, drink: This is my blood A covenant poured out for many Sins are forgiven it is done In The Garden: Father, if You are willing Remove this cup from your Son For You nothing's impossible Not my will but Yours be done The Betrayal: It's come down to this Betrayed with a kiss Arrested like a common thief Whom do you seek? Jesus, the Nazarene Let the rest go for I am He Before Pilate: I find him guilty of nothing So I wash my hands of this man's blood You'd rather see a criminal go free What you wish it shall be done Crucifixion: My God, my God Why have You forsaken me? For dogs have pierced my hands and feet Crowned with thorns I can count my bones Forgive them for the job's complete It is finished! Musical Interlude It is finished!
The Sky is Falling Global Warming, Climate Change An Ice Age is on the way There's not enough gasoline We'll lose our skin to acid rain Whatever will we do? Chicken Little has a message for you: The sky is falling! The dollar bill has lost worth Will aliens attack the earth? Where is all the money spent? Chinese landlord wants his rent Whatever will we do? Chicken Little has a message for you: The sky is falling! We might be hit by asteroids Will they release the army droids Biohazard, terrorist Email spam, computer glitch Whatever will we do? Chicken Little has a message for you: The sky is falling!
Choose 06:24
Choose Solid gold it rose up to the sky Ninety feet tall by nine feet wide When the music begins to play Everyone will bow down and pray Refuse, you'll be burned alive The time came people gathered around Musicians played they all hit the ground Three men stood apart from the mob Wouldn't bow down to a facade Before false gods we won't bow Chorus: Choose this day whom it is you live for Alive or dead, good, bad, tainted or pure Choose this day whom it is you will serve As for me and my house we serve the Lord Try it once – take the dare Everybody does it, no-one cares Come on do you have the guts? Don't you wanna be just like us? What's the matter, are you scared? Chorus Bridge: What takes the first place? What holds the key to your heart? What is it that you chase? Does the god you serve know who you are? Chorus Almighty Tube please do entertain Another level to beat just one more game Have you heard the latest song? Place your bets you can't go wrong Who is your god, what's its name? Chorus
Four Horsemen Come and see: A white horse The rider carries a bow One his head sets a crown Out to conquer he goes The Four are ready to ride Come and see: A red horse The rider carries a sword From the earth he takes peace So people will kill each other The Four are ready to ride Come and see: A black horse The rider carries the scales A voice cries: A day's wage for food But don't harm the oil and wine The Four are ready to ride Solo The Four are ready to ride Come and see: A pale horse The rider's name is Death Hell follows him – ¼ of the earth Shall lose its breath The Four are ready to ride
Buried in the Womb Under the guise of “The Clinic” Behind The Great Facade Another parenthood is planned By a doctor playing god What sustains the madness Where a child must pay the price? Robbed of their sole possession: The sanctity of life A civilized society where the Death squads set up shop Just walk in and pay your fee While the hitman does his job A little heart stops beating another silent cry Ripped from the safety of the womb – fetal genocide Chorus: No chance to taste life Buried in the Womb No-one to hear their cry Buried in the Womb No charge - sentenced to die Buried in the Womb No where to run and hide Buried in the Womb Bridge: It's not really murder just the short end of the stick It's nothing personal it's just good business Solo Chorus In a new millennium since Roe vs. Wade Millions of the silent cries their lives just thrown away The Devil sits there laughing Un-mothers mourn and grieve A nurse cleans up the chopping block Send in the next one, please! Chorus
Consequences 05:04
Consequences Flyin' along near the speed of sound Tunes cranked up and the window down An open road the sun was smilin' Yeah – I was drivin' Up from behind flashin' red and blue Trooper zero'd in on you know who Wrote out a ticket with a furrowed brow From now on, Son, you better slow it down Bridge: The day of reckoning has arrived Standin' before the Judge Plead my case to lower my fine But he won't budge Chorus: Consequences – Cause and effect Consequences – Not off the hook yet Consequences – Access denied Pray they won't cost your life They told you no but you took yeah Now you're up in another fine mess Caught red handed at the scene of the crime There's no way to save face this time Bridge: The day of reckoning has arrived Have to sleep in the bed you've made No do over can't go back in time The Piper must be paid Chorus Repent! The end is near Just a nut job sayin' things you don't wanna hear Jesus came knocking didn't let Him in Guess what? Time's up! You're dead in sin Bridge: The Day of Judgement has arrived Before God a mere mortal man Your name's missing from the Book of Life Cast out by the Great I Am
God Must be Crazy God spoke through a burning bush Moses you will go I'll knock Pharaoh on his tush Tell him I Am said so I don't know what You see in me I don't understand I'm a little slow in speech God said you're My man God gave the call to Gideon In strength save Israel You are a mighty warrior With Me you will not fail I don't know what You see in me I'm the least of my whole clan I am but the weakest link God said you're My man Chorus: God must be crazy God must be crazy God must be crazy To use a man like me Christ called Peter from the shore Cast your nets again Follow Me and leave the chores From now on you'll catch men I don't know what You see in me For sin has stained my hands Depart O Lord and let me be Christ said you're My man Chorus/Solo Lord I'm not of any use In your Master Plan People think I'm a fool God said you're My man Chorus
House of Cards One by one The balancing act has begun Place with precision Keep up the illusion Nothing to see here move along Piece by piece An intricate web of deceit The roof and the wall Are destined to fall With foundations of sand under feet Chorus: A house of cards appears regal and tall Sturdy and strong above it all But one puff of air brings it all to the ground A house of cards comes tumbling down The truth will set you free He said, she said Diversions hung by a thread Hard to stay on track While watching the back Truth and a lie can't be wed Chorus Bridge: What kind of life is built upon lies? The drama will only increase Smiles wide with averted eyes Where does the liar find peace? Chrous The truth will set you free
Where Everything Dies Sometimes it feels empty A pair of cold, sterile eyes Statue: Hollow man Who just wants to feel alive Is there really any purpose For this world where we have breath Confusion rains down on the living Pounding us to death Chorus: In a world where everything dies Do you think we'll make it out alive Is there a chance any will survive When we’re living Where everything dies There was a time for fairy tales A time of hope, time to pretend That one day we’d all become The Kings of our dreams in the end What ever happened to innocent days? Our curiosities beaten down by law Too much reality for anyone to bear Perfection flawed and everything lost Chorus In the beginning it was good A spoken word, universe born A forked tongue, forbidden fruit Banished, curse, a paradise torn Redemption plan, sacrificial Lamb To our Savior: we plead, we call Hear our cry, come heal our land Take us back, before the fall! Chorus: In the world where everything dies On a cross Christ was crucified From the grave He arose again alive We're free from Where everything dies


The debut album from Joshua's Creed made it into the Metal Pulse Radio Top 20 Albums for 2016!

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released September 20, 2016

Dillon Reynolds: Vocals
Tanner Mack: Drum Programming & Arrangement
Derek Close: Guitars & Bass


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Joshua's Creed Kalispell, montana

Joshua's Creed is a music project based out of Kalispell, MT.

Behold the rock!

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